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What is the application method of the tensioner?

2022-04-07 16:15:30

1. What is a tensioner:

    Tensioners are used in the transportation, movement, rigging transportation or logistics storage of products to fix and immobilize. They have clamping properties, they are not easy to fall off, they are reliable, light and easy to operate, and maintenance items are not easy to suffer. harm. It can be applied to various geographical environments according to different hook types. Anchor rigging is also known as bolting device, tightening device, binding device, tightening device and tightening belt. The tensioner is similar to the concealed lock, and the effect is also to be able to tighten the two pieces better, but the method is different.

    Second, the characteristics of the tensioner:

    1. The tensioner has conditioner breaking tensile strength

    2, the actual operation is simple

    3. The cost scale is uneconomical and high

    4. Other products with the same scope of application can be replaced: such as galvanized steel wire, bondage, etc.

    5. The tensioner plays a fixed role in the transportation, movement or logistics storage of the product. After being clamped, it is not easy to fall off, reliable, lightweight, and easy to operate.

    6. Various specifications and models can be selected

    3. How to choose a tensioner:

    Important from the following aspects:

    1. Overall width - the overall width of the tensioner webbing is generally 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, etc.

    2. Tensile strength - safety factor load and cracking load that the tensioner can be responsible for

    3. The styles are generally divided into hook type and hookless type

    Fourth, the operation steps of the tensioner

    Hook type:

    Step 1: The two hooks are respectively hooked on the base, and the webbing must be fixed abroad.

    Step 2: Open the tensioner hardware, turn the webbing over from the middle, and then pass it back through the middle drive shaft

    Part 3: The webbing should be tightened

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