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8 major specifications for new scrapping of tensioner hoisting belts

2022-04-07 16:18:02

Without further ado, everyone's safety factor in the use of slings should not be underestimated. All hoisting equipment of the plug-in wire rope rigging manufacturer has a service life and a scrapping standard, and the hoisting belt also has its scrapping standard. Once the scrapping standard is reached, it should be scrapped. In order to better ensure the safety of hoisting, the manufacturer of the hoisting belt, Ningbo Zhenli Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds: the hoisting belt should be scrapped if one of the following conditions occurs during the use of the hoisting belt.

   1. The webbing (including the protective cover) is seriously worn, broken, wound, torn, and the sling is dead knotted.

    2. The load interface is blooming, the surgical suture is broken, and the uneven surface of the synthetic fiber is conducive to falling.

   3. Due to time reasons and environmental damage, the milky white sling synthetic fiber of Sling Co., Ltd. becomes loose, brittle, less plastic, and weakened in tensile strength.

   4. There are too many loose patches on the surface of the hoisting belt, thermal cracking of strong oxidants, and specific heat or scorch.

   5. The police boundary line with the red warning line sling is exposed.

  6. For the loss of the logo of the sling, in addition to the serious wear and tear of the logo, the rated value of the sling and the net weight of the hoisting and hoisting are clearly marked and should be scrapped.

  7. If the surface of the flat sling is worn out, it should be downgraded and used, but if there is a cracked surface that guarantees a quarter of the total width, it should be scrapped.

  8. When it is found that all parts of the end spare parts cause cracks, plastic deformation, screw escapement, lock shaft and cross section wear of the buckle body, it should be scrapped when the wear reaches 3% to 5% of the original specification and model.

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