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How to deal with the exhaust gas tensioner manufacturer from the scrapped rayon hoisting belt

2022-04-07 16:19:04

Man-made fiber hoisting belt is used by more and more industries due to its characteristics of high tensile strength, wear resistance, no tip discharge, stable hoisting, and soft net weight. The number of slings sold every year is astonishing, along with an astonishing number of scraps. After the hoisting belt is guaranteed to be scrapped, it must be recycled for industrialized production centralized incineration treatment. In the centralized centralized incineration treatment, a lot of industrialized production waste gas will be generated. So many hoisting belts will be scrapped to solve the problem. Once the waste gas of the wire rope rigging supplier is solved If it is not good, it will pollute the air and cause serious damage to the environment. As the leader of the sling manufacturer, Hebei Jili Sling will give you a detailed explanation of how our company solves the waste gas generated by the scrap sling.

Although the waste gas discharge caused by the scrapping of the hoisting belt is large and the angle of the corrosive compound is stimulated, there is still a part of the waste gas that can be recycled.

1. How to recycle the organic waste gas of high-strength chain rigging manufacturers?

The main method is the pressurization method. This kind of method is to use the refrigeration unit to reduce the cycle and extract the organic matter that can be recycled and reused from the organic waste gas.

Second, the solution to the scrapped organic waste gas of man-made fiber hoisting belt

1. Adsorption waste gas solution: use related adsorbents to solve organic waste gas.

2. Digestion waste gas solution: mainly use water or organic solvent as absorbent to solve the harmful and harmful substances in waste gas.

3. Adsorption + centralized incineration treatment of analytical chemical gas solution: The close connection between adsorption solution and centralized incineration treatment results in high initial investment project costs.

How to deal with the exhaust gas tensioner manufacturer from the scrapped rayon hoisting belt

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