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Professional Features of Man-made Fiber Hoisting Ratchet Tensioners

2022-04-07 16:17:12

Man-made fiber slings, also known as loop slings (hereinafter referred to as slings), are made of high-wear-resistant polyester, double-leg pressed rigging polypropylene or acrylic emulsion industrially produced polyester yarn as raw materials, and are industrially produced in textile industry knitting yarn out. The various testing standards for polyester yarn produced by the polyester fabric industry are higher than those of polypropylene and acrylic emulsions, but the cost increases. (Popular knowledge: polyester is polyester fabric, polypropylene is polypropylene waterproof, and the sling made of polypropylene cloth core is widely called milky white sling, and the sling is hand-woven from such industrially produced silk.) In order to better ensure product quality and the long-term development trend of the enterprise, compared with traditional galvanized steel wire, the lifting belt has the following advantages: softness, maintenance of the objects to be lifted, so that the surface is not damaged, light and clean The weight is only 20% of that of metal hoisting equipment, which is beneficial for carrying and hoisting preparations.

Sling production operation procedures

Monitoring of raw materials is a necessary condition for product quality assurance. After the ratchet-type tight rigging material is qualified, it will enter the production process of webbing, dyeing and word-lifting. According to the whole diameter, the polyester yarn is manufactured into a warp beam that meets the requirements of the textile industry, and the loom is woven with a belt, and the belt skin is enlarged and dyed in the dyeing tank. Blue is 1 ton, green is 2 tons, light yellow is 3 tons, this. The leather belt after dyeing needs to be mentioned. Tensile test method: use the steam pressure tensile machine made especially for the test: the lifting belt with a length of more than 2m is carried out by the method of lifting objects. Packaging can be carried out after passing the tensile test.

Professional Features of Man-made Fiber Hoisting Ratchet Tensioners

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