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"Difficult" customers are sharpening knives for ratchet tensioner manufacturers

2022-04-07 16:30:15

We all know that there are more than 100 kinds of hoisting belts for lifting equipment. According to the specifications and models, there are more than 100 types, ranging from one meter to one hundred meters, one ton to 300 tons, polyester fabric, polypropylene waterproof, ring, and ring. Many hoisting belts compete in the same industry in the entire process of operation. When customers clearly point out certain requirements, high-strength chain rigging manufacturers will feel less profitable and inconvenient when their demand is low. by improving their service capabilities. Everyone, Hebei Jili Hanging Rope Tensioner feels like that: taking into account the requirements clearly pointed out by customers, it creates a concrete and concrete manifestation of the company's practical value.

For example, = there is a customer engaged in bridge engineering construction, at the request of the bidding party, be sure to test a set of 25 white slings of different types and specifications. I asked a good number of them because the specified number is small, and the The modified electric sewing machine specifications and models were rejected because of inconvenience. In the future, I searched for everyone on the official website of Jili Sling. Under the situation of looking for everyone, our company's customer staff allowed the customer's regulations, and deliberately made a good sample and sent it to the customer, although it did not make any money. But after a long absence of four months, the customer was moved by everyone's integrity and service, and then chose to place an order for everyone's 600 white slings. In some cases, you can feel that the customer's requirements are very "difficult" and harsh, and even make it difficult for maternity leave time. Then think about it, is it not the right time to do your own service? The difficulty of customers is actually based on the trust in the company. Once they are ruthlessly rejected by everyone, it is very likely that customers will lose their trust in us. Allowing customers to warmly experience all the procurement workflows is the direction that we will continue to strive for.

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